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The  Garden of  Eve  Project 

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The Garden of Eve Project is an outdoor observation and learning garden which establishes educational and therapeutic environmental programs for children, adults and seniors. By providing the fundamental basics of gardening keeping in harmony with the ecosystem within the garden our goal is to make successful stewards in alignment with our environment. Provide a healing space for mental health awareness. 

Organic Garden

The Garden of Eve Project

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Formerly known as The Garden of Eve. The Garden of Eve Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Urban Fort Worth Garden has been around for over twenty-five years in the Carter Park and Oakridge Terrace neighborhood.

It welcomed its first engagement with neighborhood children when frogs hatched tadpoles in the pond. And from that moment on the garden has been a focal point bringing youth and adults alike for a tour, a taste or a trip. 

The Garden of Eve Project has seen much wildlife in the garden while observing the importance of all creatures great and small. They are all part of the beauty and growth of the garden. It is the founder firm belief the garden comes from the ancestral knowledge of the importance of gardening.  Understanding the importance of gardening lends to the betterment of the environment and yourself.

We hope to see you soon at The Garden of Eve Project 


Your fruits and vegetables

Learn about organic and companion gardening so you can protect beneficial insects in the garden.  


About sustainable gardening

Optimize your learning by understanding sustainability protocols and measures for living a healthier life and staying connected to the Earth!  to know you.


Healthier food

Join us from Garden to Table with what we eat and how we eat it. .Learn how to incorporate herbs and edible weeds into your diet. 

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