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Let's get dirty and experience one of the best creations of Mother Nature and that is her garden.


Tel: 682 900-1365

Soil prep for seed potting

Become a Sponsor

IF YOU have a passion for community gardens, outdoor learning gardens, STEAM education and you would like to become a Sponsor then please consider The Garden of Eve Project. The Garden is a living entity with much to offer to the community at large. Please donate to a very well-deserved cause with your sponsorship. Your monetary gift will go to school supplies, garden projects and programs, upkeep of the garden, yearly food drive, and fundraising supplies. And you will definitely receive and in-kind donation form for your taxes. 


Sponsorship Opportunity:

Bugs Life Patron $125.00 -will get business logo added to sponsorship page. 

King Fruity & Queen Veggie - $250 will get business logo added to sponsorship page, 1 t shirt. 

Gulf Fritillary Sponsor(s) - $500 ​will get business logo added to sponsorship page, 1 t-shirt, 2 tickets to 1 fundraiser event.   

Monarch Station Sponsor(s) - $1,000 will get business logo added to sponsorship page, 2 t-shirts, 2 tickets to 2 fundraiser events.  

Please click Donate Button and enter required information. I thank you in advance for your support. 


The Garden of Eve Project 

photo of visitors to a local nursery


The Garden of Eve Project is always in need of volunteers. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty, love the sun, don't mind a little hard work, and enjoy seeing your hard work bloom then, this is the spot to get some mud under your toes. Dirt under your nail and a smile of accomplishment on your face. As a 501c3 we definitely looking for groups, individuals or organizations. 

. Please check our Facebook page for upcoming Workday events. And if you would like to become a Constant Volunteer, please fill out the jot form so we can get you in the position you are most needed. 

Tel: 682 900-1365


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Tel: 682 900-1365

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